Saturday, 28 November 2015

How God becomes King

I love this quote from NT Wright, and wanted to share it:

"The resurrection of Jesus is the coming of the kingdom of God.

But that lays us open, of course, to the oldest charge of all, going back to the ministry of Jesus himself: if God is really becoming king, why are so many things still wrong with the world?

Jesus spent half his ministry struggling to answer that question – struggling, not because he didn’t understand it but because his hearers’ minds were so dull; but, because we read the gospels with the wrong perspectives in our minds, we don’t realise it.

The way God becomes king is precisely through sowing seeds, not through bulldozing everything down and planting ready-formed trees and shrubs.

The way God becomes king is through the transformation of persons and communities who then become transforming persons and communities in their own right."


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